Friday, August 27, 2010

Summer Snack

Lucy's favorite snack right now is our backyard tomatoes covered in LOTS OF SALT! They are finally getting ripe on the vine. It has been such a mild summer here in California that the tomatoes are ripening so late in the season. I still have green tomatoes still on the vine, and I hope we'll be eating fresh maters well into late October.

Lucy just waltzes into the kitchen, grabs a tomato out of the basket, and heads to the sink. She even requests salt, and I never hesitate to lay it on thick! She eats is up, juice dripping down to her elbows. Deeeelish!


  1. She is soo cute! I love her eyes, just like her mamas

  2. have you been watching "America's Got Talent" and those two beautiful girls with CF? What an encouragement they are huh! Your daughter is adorable!!!


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