Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prolapse Relapse

Lucy, once again had another case of rectal prolapse like she had here. Lucy normally takes Miralax everyday to keep her regular and to stop her from straining when she 'goes' but I had taken her off the Miralax while she was taking antibiotics for almost 6 weeks. The antibiotics give her diarrhea so she didn't need help in that department at the time.

I didn't see the need to put her back on the daily Miralax regimen after her course of antibiotics was done because she was not straining to poop. Unfortunaly, this week, I had to manually push her rectum back into her body because it came out while she was pooping. I am greatful that rectal prolapse is not at all painful for Lucy but it hurt my heart having to push her bowels back in knowing that it was preventable.

She is now taking Miralax everyday with juice and will continue to do so.

Trike Tyke...

Lucy's dad bought her a very fancy red, Radio Flyer tricycle with all the gear. She has turquoise blue Sesame Street knee pads and elbow pads. This fearless girl gets on that trike and her chest pokes out so proud! Her daddy attached two by fours to the pedals with duct tape because she is still to small to reach the pedals. Small or too young aside, my Lucy wants to ride with the big kids and she'll be ringing her bell the whole way. Brrring, brrring!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleep Walker

I am just getting over a 3 day cold/sinus bug that really wasn't too bad but it did make going to work a pain in the butt. Having a sore throat and a stuffy, runny nose while working with the public can be annoying for all involved!
This whole weekend I was dreading the day when Lucy would catch the bug that I have had. I am recovering just as she has begun sounding stuffed up and her nose is now dripping like a leaky faucet. I will wait a few days to see if she can overcome this cold by herself and try to avoid yet another round of antibiotics. I will also try to avoid the onset of the mommy-guilt I feel when I know I have infected my daughter. Ugh!

The fall weather is slowly creeping into the central valley of California and we took advantage of the beautiful day. I walked 2 miles while Lucy napped on her over sized Nemo and her Sixty-Five Roses blanket.

Moms And Tots Preschool

Lucy and I have began our class at WPNS. We will be going every Wednesday for the next 10 weeks to play, meet new kids and their parents, play with messy art, run around on the play ground, learn to share, be creative and most importantly...HAVE FUN!

This was our first day!

Lucy created a beautiful piece of artwork...

was able to get her own drinking water...

relaxed on the swinging chairs...

played on the teeter totter airplane...

squished her hands in pink shaving cream...

enjoyed looking at the flowers in the toilet...

crawling through the climbing structure...

hanging out among the triangles...

pushing around boys bigger than her...

airplane swings...

fun with playdough and cookie cutters...

and fed the fish. They were hungry.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Fun...

Labor Day is not to be spent laboring so we spent the day walking around the Sacramento Zoo, which we go to often since we are members. We also went to Fairytale Town and, after lunch, ran around (which, in fact, is pretty laborious) and played all day! Lucy and I are pooped!

The Princess runs into her castle.

And takes her place on the throne.

Lucy can run this ship all by herself.

Lucy is a helper in Mr. McGregor's Garden.

She waters all the veggies with her can.

The stairs up to the Jack & The Bean Stalk slide are daunting.

But the trip down is amazing! WEEEE!

Jack's toes are huge!

Lucy be nimble! Lucy be quick! Lucy jump over the candle stick!

The Tortoise.

And the Hare.

Lucy gets body paint done by another princess.

Ladybugs and flowers.

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe...


Cal State Fair 2009

The California State Fair had so many great exhibits and buildings this year from the "Fur and Feathers" building to Fine Arts to the Floriculture exhibit- A Garden of MAGnificent Proportions! We had a great day exploring the fair and all it had to offer but the food was definitely the reason we went! Fair season only comes around once a year and it is a time in which we put ourselves into a fried food coma and not feel the least bit guilty about it. If there were a contest to see who could eat the most corn dogs or the most funnel cakes...I might be the winner.

The Cal State Golden Bear.
Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Cone!

Fun In The Shade With A Visor.

Peek-A-Boo. I See You.

Huge Flower. Huge Mushroom. Little Lucy.

Just A Mama Bird and Baby Bird.

The End.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Preschool and Pictures


I have decided to sign Lucy and I up in a Parents and Tots preschool class for 18-36 month old kids. It is at a preschool in our town that I used to work at as a teacher's assistant. It is Woodland Parent Nursery School and is a co-op school meaning that the parents help out the teacher in the classroom and are hands-on with all the kids.

Today, while we were there visiting Teacher Debbie for the first time, Lucy was able to feed the fish, play with toys and she even took a look at Yertle the Turtle sitting on his rock. She spotted and named all the animals, letters and number that she knows and even read a few books.

The classes for the little kids are twice a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays for an hour and a half. Each session is 10 weeks long. It is more like a big play date with scheduled activities! Classes begin next week and the open house for parents and children is tomorrow morning. Lucy and I will be going there to fill out our registration paperwork and meeting all the new parents and classmates! We can't wait.


Here are some pictures of Lucy doing her Pulmozyme breathing treatments. She was very tired on this day and towards the end of the treatment wanted me to hold her.

Lucy has a new art easel that has a chalkboard on one side and another for painting and drawing. It's her new favorite outdoor activity.

Here is Lucy talking to her Grandpa on my cellphone. Please take note of the adorable little ponytail she had that day...because she NEVER can keep anything on her head and I don't know when she'll let me do this again. She hates hats, clips, headbands and rubberbands. She also can't keep her shoes on for more than 10 minutes at a time but that could be a whole blog post in itself! We save that for later...

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