Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Tooth Doctor

Lucy's first trip to the dentist was a success by any standards! She actually loved it. Even the 45 minute wait in the reception area was fun. There were kids to talk to and magazines to throw on the floor. She was so patient. When I had originally called and made the appointment, they told me that they usually don't accept kids under three years because they don't sit still long enough for x-rays and a cleaning or they freak out and scream the entire time. Lucy was quite the opposite and was really excited to get "pictures" taken of her teeth. As the woman placed the x-ray shield on her lap, she yelled, "Look Mommy! A VEST!" She was more than happy to open her mouth wide for the placement of the x-ray film. She bit down and held extra still while they took the picture.
She was lead to another room for a cleaning. She was so small in the chair that they had to bring in pillows for her to sit on. She didn't mind being up high. They laid her back in the chair, placed a crispy blue bib around her neck and began the cleaning.
She asked me to hold her hand, which I obliged, and they began to clean her teeth, explaining and talking to her the entire time. She kept her mouth in smile position so they could use an electric rubber tooth brush on her teeth. The noise didn't effect her at all. She squinted her eyes tight because the overhead light was bright, peeking only out of curiosity of the new experience.

It took a couple of times to explain how to wrap her lips around the suction while they rinsed out her mouth for her with water. By the end, she had it down and the dentist was thoroughly impressed by her demeanor.

She was all finished with her cleaning, she sat up and asked the tooth doctor if she could see the light again. Dr. Dizon turned it on and put the light beam directly into her lap for a few seconds and then swiftly averted Lucy's attention to some pretty amazing stickers. Lucy was awarded with two stickers, one Cinderella, which she asked for by name, and on Snow White, a new purple toothbrush and toothpaste.

No cavities on this visit. We will return for another check-up in 6 months. Hooray for a great dental day!

Prolapse Again...

Two days ago, Lucy had another rectal prolapse. This is the fourth time in about a year, the last one happening in September of last year. She had been acting really lethargic for a few days and being really picky at meal time and she was being a light eater, which is all very abnormal for Lucy.

On Tuesday morning, she woke up and was a grumpy monster! She was having tantrums over the little things and making quite the scene. I chalked it up to being just a bad two-year-old day until she stated complaining of a stomach ache.

She went and sat happily on the toilet, where she loves to do most of her reading. We are currently potty training and she, most of the time, tells me when she needs to poo-poo and sometimes when she needs to go potty.

We sat in the bathroom for a very long time that day. She had explosive diarrhea, cramping and was pushing extremely hard to get it all out, even with me sitting next to her telling her not to push! The rectal prolapse occurred and she had no idea it was happening. It is great that she doesn't seem to feel any pain from it but it is a little uncomfortable for her when I have to push it back in.

I called her CF doctor, who of course, just my luck, is out on maternity leave. If you remember my horrible day with Dr. Grumpy, her doctor's partner in practice, you'll know why I was a little worried about a call back about Lucy's butt. A nurse returned my call saying that Dr. Grumpy advised me to raise Lucy's amount of Miralax in her juice from a half a capful to a full cap (17 grams) every day. I really hope all this "butt juice" will help keep the prolapse away.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Team Lucy: Up And Running

My personal page on is finally up an running. Team Lucy is now up and running for the coming Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis walk fundraising event. Our local walk will be on May 1st at the Sacramento State Capital.

Click below to sign up to be a walker on Team Lucy and donate to CFF. Help us find a cure for Lucy and the other 70,000 Cysters and Fibros world wide.

If you have any questions at all, please comment or email me at

donate to my cause

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Lucy sings a lot. Pay no attention to the bedhead.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Calories And Vitamin D

With all the sunshine in our neighborhood lately, Lucy suggested to me that she have a picnic outside in the backyard. What better way to eat a Nutella and bacon sandwich than outside on a quilt. She ate and soaked in the yummy rays of the sun that are full of the Vitamin D that her body needs.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Beautiful Day For Park Hopping

Oh, California, how I love thee! The weather has been in the upper sixties nearing seventy degrees with the sun shining brightly. Lucy wakes up every morning and says, "Look! Sun is shiny!"

We spent the afternoon going to two different parks here in Woodland, and we weren't the only ones. There was practically a line forming to get on the swings. We had some time to kill before we went to her pediatric well-baby check-up so we played for over an hour. Lucy had so much fun playing. We had been cooped up in the house for weeks!

Monday, February 1, 2010

"Not Me" Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I can assure you it was not me that has lately resorted to convincing Lucy that finger painting and coloring in her coloring book is her HOMEWORK! That is right! It's not me that is now beginning my third week of college, back from an extremely long 7 year hiatus, and the only way to get Lucy "out of my hair" so that I can do some algebraic equations is to tell her that she also needs to do her homework!

It is not me who has letting my blogging go by the wayside so that I may focus on my school work. I will always try to keep everyone updated but maybe not as often, sad to say. PRIORITIES!

It was not Lucy who was so exhausted after a long day. It was also not her that fell asleep during one of her one hour breathing treatments. She had finished her vest and inhaled medications and was down to doing just Tobi, which lasts half an hour. She was out cold! She was actually snoring!

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