Friday, June 19, 2009

PSA for Lucy...

This is a video that I have been working on for a few days now. Let me know what you might still need some editing.
Doing this kind of editing to match up with music sure can be time consuming! I hope you like it so all are the first to see it so leave me some comments PLEASE!


  1. Hi, great video. They always make me cry. I hope this one raises a million bucks for our kiddos.

  2. Wonderful video. You did a good job. Your daughter is precious. God bless.

    New Mexico, USA

  3. Great video Kacie! Very touching and of course I cried. Your amazing, well you both are actually. Keep up the good work in this fight!

  4. My sleeve came in handy for my tears. The battle that you along with my dear sister deal with everyday is enough to be mentors! What a nice way for you to share your thoughts and emotions. Prayers are with you all!


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