Sunday, November 7, 2010

Camping In The Rain

At the end of October, Lucy and I took a four day camping trip with my dad and his wife, Rhonda, over to the California coast town of Bodega. Luckily, we had gone in their fifth wheel trailer (if someone can tell me why it's called a 5th wheel trailer that would be great) because it rained nearly the entire trip.

I am grateful for the warm, dry space that the trailer provided during the storm, and when I say space I mean roughly 250 square feet for the four of us. It was definitely cozy, tight quarters, but it made for some great memories and laughter!

We had about four hours throughout the whole trip where the rain ceased long enough get bundled up to go outside and play. We were able to squeeze in some beach time and some exploration walks around the campground, but that was about it.

Lucy had an amazing time hanging out with her grandparents, playing in the sand and swinging around the long seaweed she had found washed up on the shore, and finding as many deer and raccoon tracks in the mud as she could. I had a good time sitting in the trailer constantly cooking and eating! I had made some homemade chicken soup from a whole chicken I had roasted at home just days before we left. The carcass came in handy for making the broth. It made a very hearty soup that lasted the whole trip. It was also my dad's birthday the day before we left, so I made a chocolate cake for a little belated celebration. Of course, Lucy helped him blow out the candles.

It was cold and wet, but we sure did create many sweet memories...


  1. I love that area! We are major campers :)
    When the weather changes next Season, we should get together & go for a day trip, I know all the good spots for kids!

  2. we tent camped and it rained/blew and our queen size air mattress collapsed. we woke up to a giant pair of lips ingulfing us. Oh what I'd have given for a fifth wheel!!! Cute probably don't care about the weather..besides they need their own "camping story" right?


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