Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Artist

We were hanging out in the living room tonight.

I was tearing up over watching the latest episode of Project Runway when Lucy approached me with a blank sheet of printer paper and a pencil. She asked me to draw a picture of her and I.

So I did...

She grabbed the paper and pencil from me, said, "Thank you!" and disappeared over to the corner to play independently as she often does.

As I was cleaning up her tornado of a mess at the end of the night, I came across the piece of paper with my drawing of Lucy and Mommy, but she had made her own revisions. She added some other 'characters' to the paper in what looks like TWO OTHER PEOPLE!

I was amazed and shocked that my two year old could depict such an accurate human form: a head, two legs, two arms, hands and feet! I am certainly turning out to be one of those moms that is absolutely amazed at everything her child does. The mom who insists that her child is a genius. Yup, that's me! My kid, the artistic genius.

When I asked her who or what it was that she drew next to us, she said,

"It's a POTHOLE!"

Um, what?!

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  1. Hahahahahahaha! That is so great! And Kacie, your child is a genius! Where you see people she sees a pothole! You absolutely shouls be amazed at everything she does. That is so great! We need to get together and reschedule Art Beast soon! Have a good weekend!



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