Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Bird Named Cookaloo

Lucy's imagination runs wild. When prompted, she could tell the craziest stories for hours, and make up the funniest names all on her own. 'Kookaloo' and George are the stars of this tale...


  1. WOW. Lucy has an amazing vocabulary! I am not kidding, Kacie, she is very bright. And adorable!

  2. Hey girl,
    The Cold Stone thing was all over the country. I wish I had known about it sooner - I found out about it the day before. It was pretty sweet to both get free ice cream and support such a great organization. It will be weird to know one day our kiddos will be granted a wish. Weird and wonderful. Wonderful and weird, you think?

  3. Oh my gosh she's too cute! Casey is right about her vocabulary. I watch a lot of kids and substitute teach in a 3's and 4's classroom and she's up there with them at least!

  4. That is just too cute!!

    She is one clever little girl :)



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