Friday, May 29, 2009


My daughter is fearless. I took her swimming today in the pool at our hotel. It is a really nice indoor heated pool since it snows in Boise in the winter. Today we were the only people in the pool so we got free reign! Thank goodness for that because she pooped in her swim diaper! Twice! Man, those things sure can hold a load.

As we were swimming, she kept insisting that she swim alone. Screaming "down" and "wim" "wim" she would push against me trying to get away on her own! I showed her what would happen if she went off by herself. Just like last summer at the swim school, we practiced jumping in from the side and going under water. I placed Lucy on the side wall of the pool and told her she was going to go under, counted to three and then dunked her! She came up with water in her nose and a smile on her face!! She coughed until she sneezed, sneezed again and then instructed me "MORE!"

My daughter has no fear when it comes to the water and life in general. As her mother, it scares the shit out of me that she is so brave but yet it makes me so very proud to know that she will grow up knowing that she can do anything she puts her mind to.She'll take life head on!! Having no fear when you have doctors taking blood, sticking needles in you and probing you all the time comes in handy. She still is a little wary when it comes to vaccines but, as many of you know, I don't allow more than two shots at a time so it is really not that tragic. A few seconds of crying and she's already over it.

I could take a few lessons from her. I'm the one that breaks down and sobs uncontrollably like a little girl in the middle of the night. I 'm the one that gets scared for her all the while she is happy-go-lucky 95% of the time. Needless to say, I have more melt downs than a toddler! Pretty sad but I'll just roll with it right now. I'm the kind of person that takes things day by day and try not to worry about tomorrow but GEEZ! My daughter is an exception to the rule. I worry all the time!

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