Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Da Ho

It very well could have been an 8 hour trip but driving with a 16 month old can drag the driving time well into 11 hours. With diaper changes, walks and snacks it took us ten and a half hours to get to Boise, Idaho.

The trip was called for because my cousin, Christy, is graduating from high school and we all decided to take the trip to watch her walk. She was accepted to Idaho University on full scholarship.

There is so much recreation up here! The town is nice with all the amenities and chalk full of outdoor things to do. We checked out a HUGE park in Boise today. The Boise River runs through it. There was a large playground for Lucy to run around to get nice a hot and a giant fountain for all the kids to play in to cool off.

I am always worried, especially with such high temperatures in the Sacramento valley, about her overheating. I load everything I can with salt. Apple juice with salt and all her food gets a sprinkle. Even her milk gets a little dash of salt. Being a busy toddler, she never stops to get a drink and lately she never even stops to eat. It is driving me absolutely insane. I try my hardest to pack her with calories and then she refuses to eat.

I realize that most toddlers go through a stage of picky eating and stubbornness but this is so frustrating for me!! I ended up bribing her to eat bites of her dinner with ice cream (that has lots of cals!)

I will continue doing the best I can and hope she comes back around with an appetite. I suppose she will eat when she's hungry and drink when she's thirsty. She's no dummy but the moment she starts losing weight she is gonna see ONE VICIOUS MOMMY coming at her with a fork full of food!

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