Saturday, September 26, 2009

Prolapse Relapse

Lucy, once again had another case of rectal prolapse like she had here. Lucy normally takes Miralax everyday to keep her regular and to stop her from straining when she 'goes' but I had taken her off the Miralax while she was taking antibiotics for almost 6 weeks. The antibiotics give her diarrhea so she didn't need help in that department at the time.

I didn't see the need to put her back on the daily Miralax regimen after her course of antibiotics was done because she was not straining to poop. Unfortunaly, this week, I had to manually push her rectum back into her body because it came out while she was pooping. I am greatful that rectal prolapse is not at all painful for Lucy but it hurt my heart having to push her bowels back in knowing that it was preventable.

She is now taking Miralax everyday with juice and will continue to do so.

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