Monday, June 15, 2009

Lucy Takes Enzymes...

Lucy just turned 17 months old and has been able to take her digestive enzymes (Creon5) for a couple of months now!

We had her on Creon10 enzymes which are slightly larger than the Creon5's. They were not working as well in the absorption department! She had a episode of rectal prolapse that wasn't pretty.

We had to switch her to back to the Creon5 for better absorption because the spheres have a larger surface area in which to work their magic!

Since the switch, she has been doing this!

Sometimes she crunches them and sometimes they just slide right down! Either way...I was happy that I didn't need to break them in applesauce any more!

I hope to NEVER buy another jar of applesauce! EVER!

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  1. That is so awesome!! I can't wait until Olivia can swallow her enzymes with opening the capsules into some type of "vehicle".


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