Monday, November 23, 2009

Wet Paint

Lucy has a weekly play date with a special friend named Connor Jack. Lucy is 8 days Connor's senior which makes playtime so much fun because they are the same age. When the sun is shining, we go to the park but with the weather becoming more and more winter-like we have spent some late mornings and afternoons at each others houses. It is very refreshing to get together with another mommy to talk mommy-talk, have snacks and drink coffee while the kids play. It has been a joy to get to know this very kind and caring family over that last few months and I can imagine that the friendships being created will be ones to last for years.

On this particular play day, Connor and his wonderful mommy Casey (Yes, we have the same name!) came over to our house to make hand-print turkeys for Thanksgiving and have the kids paint beautiful portraits for us that I would never sell for less than one million dollars. These two kids are sure to put Monet and Van Gogh to shame but the paint didn't stay on the paper for too long. Other things got a thick coating of paint that morning.

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  1. You are too cute!! Love reading yur blogs!! xoxo C


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