Thursday, January 14, 2010

Breastfeeding And CF: The Interview

I met Wendy Martijn on Facebook through a mutual friend and have found that we both have a lot in common. Our daughters are very close in age and we are very passionate about natural child birth and breastfeeding and all of it's benefits for both mommy and baby. She recently contacted me and asked me if I would do an online interview about how CF and breastfeeding do go hand in hand. It was an amazing idea, and I was surprised in myself that I had not thought about writing on the subject before!

Wendy lives in Aruba with her husband and beautiful daughter. She is a board member of Aruba's one and only non-profit breastfeeding organizations called, 'Fundacion Pro Lechi Mama.' She is training to be a childbirth educator to address the issues of pregnancy, birth and lactation to the women of the small island of Aruba.

You can read our interview by clicking here! She asked great questions that allowed me to really touch on how breastfeeding really does make a positive impact on Lucy, her health and living WELL with Cystic Fibrosis.

Thanks, Wendy, for allowing me to reach other parts of the world with our story and raise awareness on the two subjects that are very close to my heart: CF and breastfeeding!


  1. I just read, and LOVED, the interview! This is a subject close to my heart as well.

  2. A wonderful interview! Kacie, may I please have your permission to repost it on my blog?


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