Friday, January 1, 2010

The Holly Daze

Lucy was fully aware this year of all the little details of Christmas. She was so excited that Santa was coming to her house to bring her goodies. We left Santa some homemade cookies and milk and placed some carrots on the plate for the reindeer, too. Before Lucy went to bed on Christmas Eve in her Santa pajamas, Lucy and I wrote a note to Santa thanking him for stopping by the house and that we hoped he loved our cookies.

The next morning, Lucy popped up in bed and shouted, "Santa coming!" and "Santa bringa toys!" We ran down the stairs together and saw what Santa had left behind just for her. Santa had brought her a special play kitchen and filled her stocking with goodies! She couldn't believe her eyes!

Among all the things in her stocking, Santa had left a Slinky for her. Boiiing!!!

On the Eve of 2010, Lucy rang in the new year in style... drinking her champagne juice from a flute without her pants!

Banging pots and pans at midnight! "Happy New Year!!"

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