Thursday, February 25, 2010

Prolapse Again...

Two days ago, Lucy had another rectal prolapse. This is the fourth time in about a year, the last one happening in September of last year. She had been acting really lethargic for a few days and being really picky at meal time and she was being a light eater, which is all very abnormal for Lucy.

On Tuesday morning, she woke up and was a grumpy monster! She was having tantrums over the little things and making quite the scene. I chalked it up to being just a bad two-year-old day until she stated complaining of a stomach ache.

She went and sat happily on the toilet, where she loves to do most of her reading. We are currently potty training and she, most of the time, tells me when she needs to poo-poo and sometimes when she needs to go potty.

We sat in the bathroom for a very long time that day. She had explosive diarrhea, cramping and was pushing extremely hard to get it all out, even with me sitting next to her telling her not to push! The rectal prolapse occurred and she had no idea it was happening. It is great that she doesn't seem to feel any pain from it but it is a little uncomfortable for her when I have to push it back in.

I called her CF doctor, who of course, just my luck, is out on maternity leave. If you remember my horrible day with Dr. Grumpy, her doctor's partner in practice, you'll know why I was a little worried about a call back about Lucy's butt. A nurse returned my call saying that Dr. Grumpy advised me to raise Lucy's amount of Miralax in her juice from a half a capful to a full cap (17 grams) every day. I really hope all this "butt juice" will help keep the prolapse away.


  1. Lucy - you are such a super little girl. I'm sorry you have to experience this stuff. I hope you feel better - better - bestest soon!!

    hearts to U:
    amy & lilly-bug

  2. Gosh, not so sure I could be so calm.. omg.... that really sucks... So sorry you have to go through that so frequently... Marcy

  3. Hey Kacie! Emmie and I were just looking at some of your posts, and Emmie yells my night nights! It was quite adorable you see Emmie has the same pair of reindeer nick and nora pajamas!


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