Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Tooth Doctor

Lucy's first trip to the dentist was a success by any standards! She actually loved it. Even the 45 minute wait in the reception area was fun. There were kids to talk to and magazines to throw on the floor. She was so patient. When I had originally called and made the appointment, they told me that they usually don't accept kids under three years because they don't sit still long enough for x-rays and a cleaning or they freak out and scream the entire time. Lucy was quite the opposite and was really excited to get "pictures" taken of her teeth. As the woman placed the x-ray shield on her lap, she yelled, "Look Mommy! A VEST!" She was more than happy to open her mouth wide for the placement of the x-ray film. She bit down and held extra still while they took the picture.
She was lead to another room for a cleaning. She was so small in the chair that they had to bring in pillows for her to sit on. She didn't mind being up high. They laid her back in the chair, placed a crispy blue bib around her neck and began the cleaning.
She asked me to hold her hand, which I obliged, and they began to clean her teeth, explaining and talking to her the entire time. She kept her mouth in smile position so they could use an electric rubber tooth brush on her teeth. The noise didn't effect her at all. She squinted her eyes tight because the overhead light was bright, peeking only out of curiosity of the new experience.

It took a couple of times to explain how to wrap her lips around the suction while they rinsed out her mouth for her with water. By the end, she had it down and the dentist was thoroughly impressed by her demeanor.

She was all finished with her cleaning, she sat up and asked the tooth doctor if she could see the light again. Dr. Dizon turned it on and put the light beam directly into her lap for a few seconds and then swiftly averted Lucy's attention to some pretty amazing stickers. Lucy was awarded with two stickers, one Cinderella, which she asked for by name, and on Snow White, a new purple toothbrush and toothpaste.

No cavities on this visit. We will return for another check-up in 6 months. Hooray for a great dental day!


  1. I certainly don't handle the dentist with as much grace as she did...

    Great job, Lucy!

  2. What a brave girl.

    Bobbie Singh Allen


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