Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snow Day

I received a text message from my little brother on Thursday morning, "COME PLAY IN THE SNOW!"
My brother lives in El Dorado county, located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, at about 3,500 feet in elevation. It only snows at this elevation a handful of times during the winter but on Wednesday they got a foot of fresh powder! Lucy was so excited to go see her Uncle B and to play in the snow. The entire drive, an hour and a half in the car, she kept screeching with glee and yelling, "I build a snowman, mommy!" and "I go to B's house!"

The day was action packed and full of snow! Lucy and her Uncle B take time out of their play to give me a great photo!

Lucy played with three rambunctious dogs. The four of them love the cold snow and were romping around together. There is a black Lab, the gentle giant, Mary, a Collie named Whiskey and a white poodle Ziggy.

Uncle B helped Lucy make a jolly snow person with all the adornments that a snow person should have: hat, scarf, twig arms, carrot nose, rock eyes and a smile.

Lucy loved her snow person so much that she planted a smooch right on it!

After warming up and having lunch inside, we bundled up and went back out to play more! Lucy loved to snack on the fresh powder.

She attempted to make snow angels but I think she preferred staring up at the moving clouds and bare trees.

What a great day we had hanging out with Uncle B, his expectant girlfriend Kodie and the three dogs. I am sure that we will be visiting Uncle B more often with the new baby boy on the way at the end of April.


  1. Ahh these are just precious.... that is a really good snowman too...

  2. Christy- So friggin' cute!


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