Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fever Day

This week Lucy battled a 24 hour fever like a champ. For one day, she was lethargic, didn't want to eat anything and had a fever of about 100 degrees. There was no signs leading up to this fever day, and then it was gone just as fast as it had came. No puking, no bad poop, no head cold! Just a fever and the body aches that come with that.

I didn't give her any medicine for her fever, like Tylenol or anything. I wanted to wait it out and see how she was going to fight it off by herself. She did well in the fight, and I am hoping it's just one more boost for her immune system!

She spent the entire day cuddled up in bed with me, watching movies, drinking water, juice and her personal favorite when she's sick...Mommy's milk! My little nursling really latched on for these 24 hours, not only for comfort, but for hydration and calories! I am so grateful I am still nursing Lucy, especially for times like this when I know she is getting calories and the things she needs when she is sick even without eating food.

And when she says things like, "I don't feel so good. Can I have some of your milk, please?" I just can't say "no!"

She is now fully recovered and back to her usual Lucy ways. She is running around again, being her sweet and sometimes snarky self...the Lucy we all know and love. NO MORE FEVER!


  1. Happy that Lucy's feeling better - what a little fighter! And what a great mommy she has!

  2. So glad she overcame the fever like a champ!


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