Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Here I Am...

Turns out that Lucy's one night of sleeping alone was a fluke. She has slept with me the last five days showing no interest in sleeping in her own bed. In fact, she told me her room was scary. She couldn't explain to me why the room was scary, but she insisted that it was. No big deal. Looks like the sleeping beauty will be in my bed for just a while longer.

It occurred to me the other day why I had not been blogging very often in the last couple of months. Lucy is doing so incredibly well that I feel like talking about it aloud may just jinx her in some way. That sounds so ridiculous as I write it, but we have both been enjoying the time NOT doing antibiotic treatments. We had a fabulous antibiotic-free summer!

Lucy has not been on any oral antibiotics since January, and has not had to do Tobi (inhaled antibiotics) since mid-June!

So here I was, jumping for joy silently that Lucy's intestines are finally getting back on track after starting Zenpep and Prilosec, and having her intestines not be irritated by oral antibiotics.

Here I am, getting incredibly nervous as Flu and 'sick' season approaches us quickly. She is a little more vulnerable this year because she will be at her preschool more often (even though they have a very strict sick policy that if anyone in the child's household is sick, not to bring the child school).

Here I am, just hoping that the all the hand washing, hand sanitizing, and the avoidance of sick people will get us through the winter unscathed, and her Psuedomonas will not show it's ugly face for a long time!

Here I am, sanitizer in hand, superstitiously looking for wood to knock on as we head into germ season!

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  1. So happy to hear your cutie-pa-tootie is doing so well!!! Everytime I check your page, Lucy's beautiful smile makes me smile too!

    But, yes...flu season is coming upon us and I feel the rain clouds rolling in *key the suspense music* :(


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