Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kissing Cousins

What another great day we had up in the hills with my brother and his family. Lucy adores her new cousin, who is only four weeks old, and dotes on him constantly. She wants to hold him. She wants to kiss him. She wants to touch him and feel how soft he is. He has that new baby smell that we all just love.

I really could have never imagined how much she would love something so new to her. A baby. A cousin. There was an instant bond between them. She is amazingly gentle and nurturing, always wondering when Dylan will get his mommy milk, and asking if he is sleeping.

It is truly breath-taking to watch my two year old run around the house reeking havoc on the dogs, couches and the piano, and then suddenly I see her stop everything she is doing. Her face softens, she smiles, and she plants the sweetest, softest kiss on his forehead , and then moves to the next crazy toddler task.

So sweet to see my baby be so gentle and conscience of another being that is so much smaller than she is.

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