Saturday, April 17, 2010


So I realize that I have flaked a little on my blogging in the last few days, and I apologize. I have been planning a fundraiser this week for CFF, and it certainly kept me on my toes. I baked and baked and baked for almost 20 hours. I baked for CF. I baked for cure.

I am amazed by the love I felt today. After the bake sale, letting it all sink in, and letting myself relax with a glass of wine, it hit me. People really do care. People I have only just met, complete strangers, family and old friends, came out of the woodwork to buy baked goodies in honor of Lucy, to cure Lucy. I let it sink in and now I cry. I am exhausted and my kitchen is a utter disaster. I was not expecting the outcome that we had today!

I set up shop in the county government building where my mother works, strategically picking a date that fell on payday. Wink, wink. I posted an invite all over Facebook. I told everyone I knew locally to come down from 2 pm to 5 pm to buy some brownies for a great foundation, for Team Lucy. They could, without a doubt, help Lucy by purchasing a 7-layer magic bar. Oh, yes. All the proceeds of today's bake sale will go to CFF for research and a cure for Lucy!

I couldn't believe it. We got home, and my mom sat down and counted the donations in the box. When she told me the number, my knees got weak. For a little three hour bake sale, I was expecting to maybe raise around two hundred dollars, so when my mom told me that we raised $750 in funds, I felt warm and fuzzy inside. Was it warm and fuzzy from eating mass amounts of cookies and rice crispy treats all day? Nope. It was from the feeling I had inside knowing that my local community helped out my little girl.

I will fight to the death to find a cure for CF. I am not a research scientist, and I am not a doctor. Just a mommy who wants to see her baby grow up healthy and grow old. I wish I could just snap my finger and CF would be cured, but we all know that would be preposterous, so instead, I bake.

A special thank you to all the little baking elves (you know who you are) who helped bake some of the goodies for today's event, and to all the donors who came out to get a cookie or two! Because of you, we are 750 steps closer to finding a cure for Lucy. Thank you!

It really does take a village!

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