Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Kite

The weather this week was pleasant. Very sunny with enough wind to think about flying a kite. Lucy and I got our butterfly kite together and went outside, ready to send it high into the sky. By the time we got the kite ready by putting the kite tails on and making sure the string was not tangled, we went outside and the wind was not as strong as it was in the morning.

There were very strong gusts of wind lasting no more than 30 seconds, and then the wind would just die off completely! Our kite went no higher than 10 feet, and then would take a nose dive into the grass. I thought our kite-flying day was a dud. BUT...

Just like having Cystic Fibrosis, Lucy thought this grounded kite was the norm. She knows no different. I was extremely frustrated that this kite would not take flight. I wanted it to work so I could show her how high in the sky it could go. I was getting upset about our kite being grounded, but then I saw Lucy really enjoying herself. Lucy was more than happy to chase the kite as I dragged it on the ground, trying to step on the tails. Seeing that it didn't matter to her that our kite was not flying, I kept on dragging! I ran and ran and ran and ran, dragging the kite along. It would skip and hop across the grass, and Lucy would chase it and giggle and squeal with glee the entire time.

Lucy could care less about whether her kite would get off the ground. As hard as I tried to get that kite off the ground, it didn't matter to Lucy. Seeing the world through the eyes of Lucy makes me see that I don't always need the best of conditions to have fun or thrive. We can have fun with the conditions we are working with, taking full advantage of the sunny days. Neither CF nor a flightless kite can keep us from having fun!

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