Saturday, April 24, 2010

Team Lucy Car Wash

Business was a little slow today at the Team Lucy Car Wash in Sacramento. We had beautiful 75 degree spring weather. We had a prime location on a corner zooming with heavy traffic. We had buckets, soap and plenty of towels. We had baked goods to sell, BBQ, and cold refreshments, but it seemed liked people had somewhere else to be.

We stood on the sidewalk waving our towels, hailing down cars to stop for a wash, but passers-by either honked or waved, but never pulled into our driveway. Our sign was amazing, but somehow not enough to grab the attention of the cell phone wielding drivers that drove by. About a half an hour into our washing, we actually witnessed a fender bender less than 100 yards away.

Lucy was so excited about her car wash. She stood on the grass, skin slathered in sunscreen, and yelled at the cars going by.

Our very first customer was a nice Sac State student who needed her bike cleaned. Badly. It looked as if it had been outside for the duration of the winter season. It was covered in cobwebs and crunchy leaves, but Lucy and I polished it up real nice!

I told my little helper that if we were going to find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, it would take a little elbow grease to get it...

She was more than happy to help, and was able to reach places that were hard for an adult to get to.

One bicycle, three vehicles, and $137 later, we closed up shop and headed home. We had a lot of fun today, got some sun, and raised a few bucks for a cure. A extra special thank you to Jennifer, an old friend from high school, who came up with the idea and bought everything to fund the project. You made a big difference today and should be proud of yourself! Thank you!

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  1. you have a very special little girl , and I will always be around to help if you need me!


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