Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2nd Half-Birthday!

I never take my days with Lucy for granted and I believe that EVERYDAY should be celebrated even the not-so-good days!

On Monday, July 13, it was Lucy's 2nd half-birthday! That's right! Lucy is now 18 months old. How very cliche but it really does feel like just yesterday that I was knocked up, retaining water in all the wrong places and getting ready to pop her out into this crazy world! Now, just for the pure joy it, we not only celebrate her actual delivery date on January 13th but her half-birthday as well!

Lucy had a huge cupcake smothered with only the thickest frosting we could find, sprinkled with Oreo cookie crumbs and spotted with sugar daisies and an orange plastic dragonfly!

My sweet girl got even sweeter but only after we sang the birthday song and let her blow out the candle!


  1. That really is such a great idea! I think we might try that out with our Danalie.


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