Thursday, July 2, 2009

Leaving On A Jet Plane...

Greetings to all my blog readers!

Lucy and I are taking a week vacation and going all the way across the country to Cochran, Georgia to visit family from my dad's side! This is Lucy's first trip on a plane and my first trip on a plane with a child! I may need a glass of wine (or two) by the time this is all said and done! My blood pressure is probably through the roof but I think I'll live. I don't want to be that mom with the screaming child on the red-eye.

I may have computer access while I am there and may mini-blog about our travels but will save all picture blogging for when we return to sunny California.

Talk to ya'll later!

(LOOK AT THAT! Already picking up that southern accent!) :P

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  1. Have a WONDERFUL trip!!! It has been forever since I was on a plane with one of my little ones, It was exciting for my two year old, now 17... I just had to have something for her to suck on for the ear popping... bottle, pacifier, gum etc... But she loved the trip.... Enjoy!!!


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