Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Couch Diving...

Just an update...Lucy's culture came back yesterday FINALLY! I hate waiting! There was no Pseudomonas on the culture which is what her doctors and I were hoping! She cultured a 3+ Staph which can be treated with the Augmentin she is on now. We are half way through the antibiotic treatment and Lucy is already feeling better despite the diarrhea that Augmentin causes. Her cold is almost gone and boy-oh-boy am I glad! Her appetite is back and she is a feisty toddler again!

New hobby...Lucy loves to count to three (mostly to two) and then slide off the ottoman onto her new couch. She thinks it is so fun. If I did something like this I would be visiting the chiropractor for a month! Here is a video demonstration and her talking about the light on the camera...


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  1. Thanks! Samuel is (let me think) almost 21 months old, so they are very close in age. I love reading about Lucy. She is such a sweet little girl. You are very blessed.


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