Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Lucy and I both caught a 'bug' while in Georgia most likely on the way to Georgia from the re-circulated air on the plane. I got better but Lucy didn't recover as well and has had a horrible cough and wheezing for over a week now.

I took her to her pulmonologist on Tuesday where she had a sputum culture and was given a 14 day supply of Augmentin (amoxicillan) to be taken twice daily. In January, she had acquired a cold that ended up being a Staph infection but went away with antibiotic treatments. I am hoping that this is a recurrence of Staph and not something more serious like Pseudomonas or B. Cepacia, which would require a more serious treatment.

The lab results for the culture take days to come in and can be conducive to a couple of panic attacks for a CF mom in the meantime! The wait can do a number on me but nothing like the number Augmentin does to my Lucy! The side effects of this particular antibiotic is horrible including stomach cramping, yeast infections (diaper rash) and diarrhea. Feeding her yogurt with live cultures can make the effects milder but never have they been nonexistent!

I am hoping to get her through this treatment with little or no weight loss and, if it is even possible, have germ-free lungs.


  1. Hello,
    I found your blog through froggymama, and just wanted to send a hello. I have a three year old daughter with CF and our beginning was very similar to yours with the MI/surgery/month long hospital stay. I just wanted to introduce myself in case you'd ever like to exchange CF mama ideas.
    I hope your daughter gets over this quickly!

  2. Praying the Augmentin/Amoxicillin works and she feels much better! Also praying that the side effects are much less and the culture results don't show anything more serious.

    Question: Has someone told you that Pseudomonas is more serious than staph? Based on my experiences and knowledge, it's just a different kind of bug/bacteria, treated with a different kind of antibiotic. I mostly always cultured psuedomonas and still do even post-transplant. But I know different doctors and cf centers think differently. So I was just curious...hope you don't mind me asking!

  3. HI!

    I just found you while catching up on Froggymama's blog. I have a 3 year old daughter with CF.

    Just wanted to mention that my Emily has the same reaction to oral abx that your daughter does. It's not fun. We've had two run-ins with c.diff, too, which is REALLY not fun.

    I now give Emily an over the counter pro-biotic (we use Florajen 3, but there are numerous brands available). It has really helped things in check, and so far, no more c.diff!

    I'm off to read through your blog! Glad to have found you!

    mom to Emily, 3 w/cf


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