Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Bankette!!

While vacationing in Georgia, my mom went out and bought Lucy her very own 'couch' to sit in. It is a girly pink cushioned love seat/fold-out bed with 3 princesses on it: Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and some other woman who has unbelievably lived happily-ever-after. This fabulous new piece of furniture in our home has become a seat for reading, a bed and a wrestling mat.

On this day, Lucy decided adamantly that she wanted to be wrapped up in her 'bankette.' Let me remind all of you that is was 102 degrees outside but that didn't matter one bit! She yelled 'bankette' bankette' until I rolled her up in a Lucy burrito. She proceeded to lay there for at least ten minutes being soothed by her 'bankette' and paci.


  1. How sweet...i love the little couch and it must make Lucy feel sooooo special.


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