Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Georgia In A Nutshell...

YES! I am still compiling all the photos taken in Georgia! There are hundreds! I will be getting photos from everyone that took some (Grandma's and Aunts) and making more posts later. Here are just a few to get started! We had a great time and dearly miss our east coast kin!

Here is Lucy driving Uncle Jeff's boat!

Lucy and her cousin Graycen spent lots of time playing together and reading books!

Lucy checks out the night's meal of catfish!

Fireworks on the 4th!

Blowing bubbles is a soapy passtime!

Hot and sweaty after picking Georgia peaches off the tree!

Rockin' out with her cousin Isaac! Get your autographs now while you can!

Spending time with great-grandparents Jerri and Charlie!

Learning to cast a pole with Uncle Jeff!

The humidity was a killer so popsicles were in order!

SALTY chips is what the CF doctor ordered!

Trying out Aunt Gretchen's doo-rag!



  1. Hi there! I just started following your blog so I wanted to stop by and say hi. My husband is 21 and he is living a happy healthy life inspite of his CF. I have learned so much from reading blogs from CFmoms.

    Lucy is lovely btw!

  2. her hair is so curly in some of the georgia pics...must be the humidity huh?


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