Saturday, August 15, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

Lucy and I had a great day at the Breastfeeding Awareness Walk on Thursday afternoon. It took place at the state capital in Sacramento, California.

There were different speakers from the WIC program and Breastfeeding Coalition discussing the new upcoming WIC changes in food supplements. Some of those changes will make for a healthier nation of children by providing fruit and veggie choices and a choice of soy milk and tofu. If a mother were exclusively breastfeeding her child for the first 6 months and NO formula were being used then she would qualify for a larger quantity of food to help keep herself healthy, including meat choices and fruits and veggies.

Some other changes include postponing the use of infant formula for the first month of a child's life to try and establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship between a newborn and it's mother! This is not only healthier for the child and mother but is much more cost effective for taxpayers and families. WIC is a nation wide, federally funded program so wouldn't it be smart, especially in this down turned economy, to promote FREE breastfeeding instead of paying over $10 for every can of formula??

Here is Lucy enjoying a snack of Goldfish crackers before hitting the trail.

My friend and her doggy Midnight joined us for our walk around the capital. It was a warm day but that didn't stop us! We were marching for breastfeeding. Rain, sleet or 100 degree weather wouldn't stand in our way!

After the walk, we spread out a picnic in the park and ate sandwiches while Lucy and Midnight became the best of friends! She pulled every blade of grass within a 5 foot radius and blanketed Midnight with all of it.
Midnight has the BIGGEST doggy heart and was so patient with Lucy. I really couldn't believe it!

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