Saturday, August 15, 2009


Sacramento has Land Park where there are amusement rides, pony/horse rides, ponds to fish in, ducks and squirrels to chase and also contains the Sacramento zoo. All this in one park! Too good to be true but it is true! After attempting to go to a Portuguese (my ancestors heritage) Wine and Food festival that turned out a dud we headed over to Land Park for some fun and her first pony ride EVER!

Lucy takes a gander at her token and waits in line for her pony ride.

She patiently waits for her pony to saunter around the bend.

Mommy helps Lucy get all buckled into her saddle atop "Ladybug" the pony.

The proud cowgirl goes around the trail acting as if she had done all this before. Like always, there was not one ounce of fear in her!

Lucy and mommy take the buggie for a spin around the race track!

Our photo finish. We won the race!
Preparing to ride on the carousel that went way too fast for my liking! Aren't these things supposed to be a leisurely children's ride??

Lucy and mommy hand-in-hand get ready to spin on the vortex of terror, I mean, the carousel! I was seriously a little queasy when I got off this thing! BLAH!


  1. A few weeks ago while i was babysitting, i took the kids to our local mall, which has a carsaoul! It's been YEARS since I've been on one (probably the last time was when i was young enough to ride it). One of the little girls needed me to stand beside her because she is pretty young...and like you were went so fast, i had to hang on for myself! If i let go...then i was wobbling all over the place! I thought that was so funny!!!

  2. What cute pictures! I love the last one, holding hands. So dear!

    I hope Lucy is doing well.

    Greeting from NY, formerly Toluca Lake, CA!



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