Friday, October 9, 2009

Nice To Meet You, Mr. Vest!

I was happy to be notified two days ago by the Hill-Rom Vest company that Medi-Cal approved the use and full payment of Lucy's Vest! This is a life-changing piece of equipment that will (hopefully) last her a lifetime and help keep her lungs in their prime working condition! The Vest arrived on our doorstep today via FedEx and we had a representative come to our home to show us how to use it.

This is Lucy getting to know her new device, the device she will use everyday for at least 30 minutes to aid in the clearing of mucus in her lungs. She played in the duffel bag (she calls it a couch) and used the vacuum hoses to "clean" the house!


  1. I am so glad you were able to get the vest!!!! I know this will benefit Lucy a whole LOT!!!!! And it looks like she is ok using it...hopefully she will get used to it without any problems!

  2. You can call the Hill-Rom company and request the new full vest garments that are machine washable, very soft and comes in pink, blue and black.
    1-800-426-4224 #3 for customer service


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