Friday, October 30, 2009

Pulm Visit

Just an update on her pulmonologist appointment today...

Dr. Perez says her lungs sound clear and free of wheeze. Her throat/sputum culture didn't grow anything abnormal so the antibiotic she is on, Bactrim, is just fine for ridding of her cough. Only one more week to go on that.

Lucy's digestive issues are still uncontrollable and include bulky, smelly stools that come more than 3 times a day, major bloating of the stomach but never hard or painful to the touch, gas that could clear a room and rectal prolapse despite the Miralax everyday. She often complains about her tummy hurting so we are going to switch her digestive enzyme from Creon 6 to Pancreacarb 4 to see if her food will be better digested with it. We'll start the new enzyme after she is done taking the Bactrim and back to her 'normal' self to see if there is a change in the tummy department.

Our next appointment at the CF clinic is November 16th where we will see the whole CF team for evaluation. I have high hopes for the Pancreacarb!

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