Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The first full day of our Monterey vacation, after Lucy's fever broke the first night, we went to the Dennis The Menace park. The playground is amazing! Lucy was so excited to be there even though she had just had a fever only hours before. It seems as my girl just rolls with the CF punches and is still able to enjoy life...no matter what. Fever schmever!

The playground was action packed and loaded with so many fun things to do. I am keeping the park pictures to a minimum because we still have wonderful Aquarium pictures and beach pictures to go through! I'll spare you the intricate details.

There were five different play structures, each designed for differently for certain age groups. It didn't matter to Lucy. She hit them all!

Lots of tunnels to walk and crawl through. Cement ones that go under ground, metal welded tunnels painted cool colors, and the plastic ones that make Lucy's hair stand on end...

An amazing 50 foot extension bridge that shook when she walked across.

This is the end of our play visit. You can see in her eyes that she was not feeling well. My poor girl needed a nap.

After the park, we went over to the shoreline and walked the California coast...Lucy wrapped in the Moby wrap...in and out of napping and wave watching.

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