Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bad Timing Fever

We went to Monterey, California for vacation last week. Our goal was to relax, enjoy the sun and sand, and go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Our first day arriving at the hotel, Lucy was acting strangely. We checked in, had dinner, and went to the hotel complimentary Happy Hour in the lobby. Lucy's attention span was not as good as it usually is, and she would act out and be ornery for no reason. I passed it off as toddler behavior because we had sat in a car for hours...maybe she was just full of pent up energy.

Here she is at Happy Hour enjoying her orange juice mocktail and bar snacks...

That night, after Happy Hour, we went for a swim in the indoor heated pool, and then went up to the room to bed. She woke me up by tossing and turning in the bed at about 3 in the morning. She was on FIRE! Her whole body was burning up. I, of course, never thought to bring a thermometer on vacation because she rarely gets fevers. This was a very high one! She slept through the morning, tossing and turning the entire time. She woke up around 7 or 8 am, and I put her into a cool bath because she was still burning up and acting a little delirious. My mom went to the nearest store to get Tylenol. She was miserable and we were on vacation! I felt so bad.

After her bath and some medication to make her more comfortable, I nursed her back to sleep...until about 10 am when the fever broke. She woke up in a cold sweat, but seemed to feel a little better. We got ready for the day, and just decided to wing it. Take it easy, let her lead the way, and follow her cues.

We went to the park in Monterey, The Dennis The Menace Park, upon her request. We left as soon as she showed signs of being droopy and lethargic again. She is always really good at telling me when she has had enough. We went for a walk on the coastline with her cuddled in the Moby wrap, and had another high fever that night while she was sleeping.

NOW, we get to the extremely bad timing portion of her illness. If it wasn't bad enough that she was sick on her vacation...I got a phone call during our trip saying that her Medi-Cal was canceled.

LUCY CURRENTLY HAS NO INSURANCE. The social worker, who has been working on Lucy's case for over two years, never put our new address into the file. When Lucy was up for redetermination this year (in March), the packet of paperwork was sent to the wrong house. I never received it, and then didn't get a phone call until after it was already canceled. I just want to make note, for the record, that this is not the first time this social worker has "lost" our paperwork. Last year, I got a call from our pharmacy saying that Lucy's medication could not be filled because she was no longer covered by Partnership. Turns out, the social worker "lost" our paperwork in the pile of crap on her desk. Whoopsie.

I am doing the paperwork now, to get it all straightened out, but she told me it may take up to two weeks to get it approved! What?! Lucy has an appointment with GI next week...guess I'll be rescheduling that, AND FINDING A NEW SOCIAL WORKER!

There will be more posts to come with pictures from our trip. After Lucy's two nights of high fevers, she was feeling much better. We went to the Aquarium and the beach. The last two days of our time together was enjoyable!


  1. A little different situation, but the HR department at my husbands work has caused our insurance to be cancelled twice! Once they "forgot" to send the premium to the insurance company, so all the employees lost their coverage temporarily and another time the HR rep gave Adam the wrong paperwork.
    I don't understand how these people keep their jobs when they make mistakes like this. As far as they are concerned, it's no big deal. I'd like to send THEM our big fat CF medical bills!

  2. We understand your frustration with the trouble getting Lucy insurance coverage. Problems like this are why children (and their families) from all across the country, who have received care from a local children's hospital are traveling to Washington, D.C. on June 15-16 to tell their representatives how health reform will help them on a day-to-day basis and what yet needs to be done. Help cheer them on and learn more about what these families are doing to help improve high-quality access to pediatric care. http://childrenshospitals.typepad.com/2010allstars/2010/04/meet-joey-b-summerviller-sc-.html


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