Friday, June 25, 2010

The New Arrival

The difference between the old infant vest wrap that she used to wear, the black vest she was currently wearing, and the new one we received in the mail today is like night and day!

Here are some of the differences that we noticed right away:
  • Lucy loved the pink color! It makes it a little more exciting to wear for a two year old, for now at least.
  • The material is soft and the Velcro is soft so it doesn't rub Lucy in all the wrong places. When the vest is shaking and vibrating, the material rubs against her skin and would cause irritation, especially in the last few minutes because it is set to increase in speed. Now, she is irritation-free. No neck or armpit rubbing!
  • On the old black vest, there used to be holes on the sides that would blow out excess air. It was cold and noisy! Not anymore!
  • The new pink vest is quieter! The old black vest used to make slapping noises when it really got going at high speeds, and was louder than the compressor. Now, all we hear is the compressor.
  • The new vest is machine washable making it easier to fight off all the bad germs that we so diligently fight. The inner air bladder comes out so easily, and the outer shell can be washed and color safe bleach can even be used for even more thorough disinfecting.
Oh, Lucy! She loves her new vest...

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  1. Congrats Lucy!! I love the pink vest. So glad it doesn't irritate her skin anymore!


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