Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Goings On Lately

Lucy's insurance is back on track now. All the paper work was squared away, and I was able to get Lucy's medications filled today. She went two weeks without the enzyme Zenpep. Luckily, I had saved her "old" enzyme, Pancrecarb in the back of the cupboard from when we made the last switch months ago. I gave her Pancrecarb during the insurance debacle and they worked well enough...just to get by.

After our vacation in Monterey and Lucy two nights of fever there, she is now feeling well, and only has a slight cough when she runs around and exerts energy. She fought off that bug with NO antibiotics! I'm so proud of her! With her being healthy, we are ready to really begin our summer fun!

On Friday, my mom and I are taking Lucy to see Sesame Street Live: 1 2 3 Imagine! I can't wait to see her face light up when she sees Elmo and Abby Cadaby in person!

I will have some minor dramatics in July. I finally got a court date to finally get child support. I filed a case for child support nearly a year ago, and Lucy's dad and I will have it out in court since he still refuses to pay a dime.

More news in the financial department...This week I broke down, choked back my own pride, and applied for temporary government aid. Holding back tears, I filled out the paperwork and had a meeting with a social worker. Lucy and I qualify for food stamps (EBT card) and cash aid through CalWORKs, although the actual amount has yet to be determined. It takes roughly 30 days for the case to get fully approved. This is something I never in a million years thought I would have to do, but I have been assured that it is what is best for Lucy so she can get everything she needs at this time.

OH! And then...I went into traffic court the other day to make a payment on an old ticket, and the woman in the office informed me that there is another outstanding ticket from 2006 in the system! I said, "WHAT?! I was just in court for this ticket just a few months ago and nothing was ever mentioned about another ticket from 2006?! I don't even own that car anymore!" She proceeds to get me a copy of the ticket, which I can't even recall getting because back then...well, I was pretty drunk most of the time and don't remember much of it. She then says that it is $1,200+ for the fine! My mind was boggled as I picked yet another court date to sort out my very old traffic issues. UGH!

BUT there is good news! I was accepted for a scholarship to go to the CFRI conference in Redwood City at the end of July! I am so excited to not only meet the CF moms, dads and adult CFers, but also learn so much about CF that I don't know already. I can't wait to hear about new, upcoming CF drugs being approved by the FDA as we speak, new CF treatments, and cutting edge doctors willing to speak and educate! I can't wait to get into our support groups with other parents and discuss CF related topics and gush about how wonderful and resilient our children are! I will be bringing a couple of boxes of tissue for that weekend, that's for sure! Here is this year's schedule of all the things I will be doing there!

Also, I can't wait to go camping this year! It is so convenient that my dad and his wife bought a 5th wheel trailer last year. We are able to have all the dirty, hiking, cook-outs, s'mores, fishing experiences of camping, but still have the conveniences of being able to plug in a nebulizer and vest to do treatments multiple times a day. We plan on doing a really long trip probably mid-July!

My birthday is next week, on the 22nd. I will be turning 29 years young! I have nothing planned for that day, and will probably be working that night since I need the money. I do have some pretty cool plans for the night before, on Monday! A friend and I are going to DEEDA salon in Sacramento to get our hair cut and styles, and guess what?!?!?! Proceeds from the cuts and eye brow waxes that day will benefit the CF FOUNDATION! We plan on getting dinner and drinks after we get all pretty at the salon for my favorite charity!

I am hoping to get past all the negative things coming at me and really enjoy this summer! Lucy is at such a great age to really be able to enjoy getting down and dirty with me. Swimming, camping, hiking, fishing and fun adventures are coming our way! This is my favorite time of year and I can't wait to share it with Lucy!


  1. Kacie you are so optimistic, keep up the great vibe. I can't wait to go camping some day too! <3

  2. Receiving government aid was difficult for me too. We were on WIC until just this month, and we've had to apply for enemployment twice during Adam's layoffs. Take comfort in knowing you aren't abusing the system and that it is indeed in Lucy's best interest. Best of luck with everything!


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