Monday, May 31, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Oh, how important it is for me to teach Lucy how to grow her own food. Doing such a thing in an apartment building is not the same as having a big plot of land to sow seeds and grow fruits and veggies. We don't have rows and rows of crop. We have pots and flower planters with our food growing in it! Lucy picked her first crop the other day. She is always so excited to go outside everyday to help me water them, but she was even more excited to be able to eat what she has been tending too for weeks, and what she has helped plant and grow!

So far this year we have tomatoes, strawberries, basil, chocolate mint, cilantro and chives.

Good lessons in agriculture, nature, nurture, and good, healthy eating! Yummy!

PS- I am getting ready to start making my own Kombucha tea! I will be starting to grow my own mother SCOBY when we get back from vacation. Apparently, there has been a huge run on the stuff in my town. It is all on sale in town and all sold out! More on the Kombucha subject later! I am already addicted to it, and need to make it myself!


  1. I just want to see that I think you are a terrific mom and an awesome person. You may have not intended to have Lucy, but you are a beyond wonderful mother to her.

    I am glad the clean out went well and that the veggies are growing nicely!!!

    Hugs from a stranger in Maryland!!

  2. Thank you Jacky! She is a very amazing little person, and my only goal in life is to raise her to be a kind human being. She means the world to me! Thanks for reading! :)

  3. What a great idea Kacie! We live in an upstairs apartment where we have a small balcony. I would love to have a small garden but i don't think it's possible. We don't get much sun on our porch. For know, I'll just enjoy yours!


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