Wednesday, March 10, 2010


For the last three days Lucy has been battling a 100-101 degree fever off and on, and is accompanied with all joys of a stuffy, runny nose. This is always a classic sign to me that the Staph is back but we already knew that information.

The last visit we had last month to the pulmonologist for a check up after her first month of Tobi, Lucy had a culture lab come back that showed that the Pseudomonas was 'gone' but that the Staph had come back. Lucy was not showing symptoms of Staph at the time, so Dr. Perez and I decided that we would not treat it with antibiotics. Too many antibiotics makes the Pseudomonas and other bacterias resistant to the medications and deems them ineffective.

Lucy is now showing all the symptoms that she is fighting infection. She has been miserable for a few days now. She has very low energy, lots of naps have been taken, lots of water has been drank and cool baths have been taken. She still has a mild appetite, eating small snacks through out the day but never any large meals. At least she is still eating!

I called her doctor's office today. Dr. Perez is on currently on maternity leave so I had to call Dr. Grumpy. I explained to him her symptoms, what I thought it was and asked him how he might treat it or if Lucy needed to come in for another culture. Lucy will be starting her second month of Tobi in just a few days and I wondered if an inhaled antibiotic like Tobi would clear up the symptoms she has. He told me "no" and that she would have to be on an oral antibiotic in addition to the Tobi, if things did not relieve themselves within the next couple of days.

The Bactrim prescription has been filled and will be sitting on our shelf for a while. Now I will continue to help Lucy get better on her own accord without the aid of antibiotics. I would much rather her fight off this Staph by herself to help build her immune system. The Staph she has in her lungs has already colonized itself (made a permanant home there). We can treat the symptoms of Staph, the fever and runny nose, but it will never 'go away.'

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