Saturday, March 20, 2010

Protruding Belly Button

A few days ago, I noticed that Lucy's belly button was sticking out, sort of protruding a little. It was sticking out enough for me to take notice since she normally has a cute little "innie" belly button. It really looks like she has an "outie" now, but still odd enough to be concerned about it, especially with all of her prior GI issues (five rectal prolapses in a year and meconium ileus at birth.)

The small lump is hard to the touch, but there is no pain involved in it. She never complains about it. I was thinking it may be a small hernia, and I made an appointment with her CF doctor to make sure it wasn't too serious. We will be seeing Dr. Grumpy on Tuesday, where we will also discuss changing her pancreatic enzymes once again! She is still having frequent poops that are loose and greasy, and she is still straining to go despite the full cap of Miralax everyday.

I really want Lucy to be referred to a GI specialist to really dig deeper into her bowel issues since they so frequently happen. They have been putting off the referral because we always seem to remedy the problem for a few months before the issues come back again. I think I will be asking and pushing a little harder this time to get to the bottom of things once and for all. Yes, the butt puns were intended!

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  1. When Lane was ages birth to 2 or 3 he also has a hernia, only remember I didnt know he had CF, funny the things I think about hind site... it finally resolved itself I guess.. but he never had all the problems that your little has in that area... I hope Lucy's resolves as well... I know you have had your fair share of poop problems, and I sure pray that they get to the bottom of them and give you some healing in this area... :)


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