Sunday, March 14, 2010

Riding Vacuum

Lucy loves to ride vacuum. Here is a short clip of her doing just that. Pay no attention to the mix and match pajamas and the bedhead!

She has always loved the sound of vacuums and hairdryers, even as an infant. When Lucy was just home from the NICU at nearly four weeks old, she came home with a horrible case of diaper rash and yeast infection from all the antibiotics she took while recovering from her surgery. I would give her sitz baths and air out the area with a hair dryer. The sound of the dryer made her go right to sleep or it would put her in a trance.

She has always loved the vacuum, too, trying to ride it whenever she can and helping push it around. I would wrap her up in my Moby wrap when she was smaller and vacuum the house. She would be sound asleep, comforted by being worn and the sound of the machines constant white noise.

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  1. Thats so funny! When Kennedy was little, and freshly out of the NICU she had a horrible horrible diaper rash too. It was from her enzymes, I was told...but probably a combination of everything. I use to lay her on her tummy and put the hair dryer on her bottom, dried it right up-worked like a charm! Thats so funny and NOW she sleeps with a fan on everynight...


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