Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lucy Unplugged

Lucy was feeling a lot better today. We hung out around the house all day and just worked on getting well and relaxing. She has made a huge improvement in her health in the last few days. No more fever, no coughing, and only a slight runny nose. I am postponing her Bactrim treatment and I'm keeping it on the shelf for another day! No need for antibiotics if it is not necessary! She fought those Staph symptoms all on her own. We will begin the next 28 day round of Tobi in the next couple of days to continue fighting the Pseudomonas. This will be her second month of Tobi.

While hanging out and relaxing all day in our pajamas, Lucy held an acoustic concert for a live studio audience me. As you can tell, she is in better spirits and was ready to put on a little show.

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