Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boise Zoo

Lucy and the Tortoise...
Lucy as a Tortoise...

Lucy becomes Lion food...

Lucy and Mama on the carrousel...
Lucy read herself to sleep that night...


  1. Lucy is so beautiful, glad to meet you. I love to chat with CF mommas.

  2. I am also a CF Mom; I have read your comment on Alice's blog.

    Good luck with your journey; it was so rewarding to raise my daughters, Alice with CF and Chrislie who is healthy.

    Kind regards
    René Vosloo
    South Africa

  3. Lucy as a tortoise is precious. I loved hearing her animal sounds on your video you are amazing Love You

  4. Lucy as a tortoise is precious her animal sounds are so cute Love You

  5. Reilly reads herself to sleep most nights, too. I have to go clean out her bed every night after she falls asleep! She is adorable!


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