Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Just Allergies

Today was a really good day! I took Lucy in for a follow-up appointment with her Pulmonologist. Two weeks ago, I had taken her in because she was very wheezy, coughing and had a lot of snot and itchy, watery eyes. My mommy instinct kicked in and I just knew that it was allergies and not a cold.

Springtime in the Sacramento Valley can be excruciating for so many allergy sufferers, me included. At a young age, I was tested for allergies and found out that I was allergic to everything in the air that we breathe, only excluding pet dander. I received allergy shots for years which helped build my immune system but I still get seasonal allergies BADLY!

Not only did Lucy inherit my defective CF gene but also my body's aversion to pollens in the air. She was given Zyrtec to help with the allergy symptoms and also Flovent for the wheezing. It helped tremendously! Her lungs were free and clear today! We will continue the antihistamines through the spring season!

I am also pleased to announce that she gained a half of a pound in a little over two weeks! I was beside myself. With Lucy's recent eating habits due to her canine teeth coming in I was shocked that she actually gained weight!

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  1. The Sacramento Valley is so terrible for allergies. Both of my kids have allergies too. Sucky. At least she got some relief!


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