Sunday, June 28, 2009

Life's A Beach!

Saturday, we went to the beach since the forecast in our area was 105 degrees! We traveled west for about an hour and a half and went to Stinson Beach where the weather was much more tolerable for Lucy and I.

We had so much fun in the sand. Lucy helped bury my legs and we used molds and shovels and buckets to dig and make a mess of ourselves. It got to be a little overwhelming with sand everywhere. I try to be like the Beatles and just 'let it be' but when sand gets into her mouth and eyes then I have concerns.

We were at the beach for about 4 hours and decided to leave when the sand became too much of a hassle. Her snacks are supposed to be high calorie and nutritious NOT sandy!

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  1. Your a very special woman with a very special daughter. Hugs



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