Thursday, June 11, 2009

Playing with Her "Thumper"

Lucy loves to play with her "thumping" cup.

She tries so hard to 'thump' herself and ME!


  1. Bless your heart, I am going absolutely insane most of the time, and here you are doing it alone.. I cannot imagine, I was a single parent for many years, and I am sure that if I was dealing with this at the same time I was dealing with that it would have been bad.. speaking of the poop, it is funny, Lane had the worst, stinkiest poo ever as a baby, the connection was never made, i told the Dr. several times he always had diarhea (along with many many other symtoms), since how else do you describe it... the blessing is that my son at four still refused to wipe his own behind, the babysitter made the connection and we went to our new dr. who diagnosed, so being out of diapers some times is a blessing, but refusing to wipe your behind can be an even bigger one lol... but man it smelled... I remember how bad his poo was in diapers... So glad to meet you and Lucy...

  2. oh, I soooo needed to laugh today... and well that last comment of yours did the trick lol... still laughing... which is such a better alternative to crying...


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