Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Swim Lessons...Summer begins!

Lucy has a busy summer ahead of her! We have already been vacationing to Pismo Beach, California and Idaho to visit family.

We have now started swim lessons! They started on Monday and run for two weeks! Every evening for a half an hour! My little fish Lucy just loves the water! She is so fearless in the pool. She tries to go off and swim on her own.

She has mastered the art of blowing bubbles in the water with her mouth and can kick and splash with her feet! She loves to go over to the wall and kick off the side and she can hang on to the side of the pool UNASSISTED.

We have another two week class booked at the end of July. She can get in more swimming practice and more Vitamin D! Two birds with one stone!

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  1. I was wondering if Olivia was old enough to take swim lessons and this post answers my question!

    Olivia also loves being in the water!


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