Friday, June 12, 2009

So Many Things To Do...

This summer is turning out to be quite eventful! With our first week of swim lessons under our belt, we are anticipating the next week of swimming and hoping that the weather will be a little warmer. I KNOW! California in June and it's only been in the 70's and 80's and breezy. Usually around this time it is already hitting triple digits...what's the deal mother nature? Not that I like it to be sweltering-sauna hot but shivering in the pool is not fun either!

We have a few major vacation plans that I am looking forward to this summer. The first week of July we will be going to visit some family in Georgia! I haven't been there since I was about 13 years old! It will be nice to see my dad's side of the family. They have never met Lucy and Lucy has also never been on an airplane. Her first plane trip and we are going ALL THE WAY across the country! Some people call it bravery. I just call it crazy!

We have everything lined up already. Portable DVD player with Elmo and the ever wonderful Baby Signing Time videos, a note from her pulmonologist giving permission to take all Lucy's meds and nebulizer on the airplane (carry-on) and the number to the nearest CF Clinic in Atlanta in case anything happens. My biggest fear is not that I won't be able to keep Lucy entertained for hours on end but just a fear of the fact that I have take ALL of Lucy's meds onto the plane. I do not want to be hassled! They will see one bitchy mother if they mess with me!

**Any other tips that you mommies might have about traveling with equipment and CF meds (refrigerated meds) would be greatly appreciated!**

The first week of August we will be going on a week trip to Hat Creek. It is in northern California near Mt. Lassen and Shasta. It is so serene and beautiful up there with mountains all around you with creeks and streams filled with the yummiest trout!This will be mine and Lucy's second annual trip up there with Rhonda (my dad's wife) and her VERY large family.

Lucy was only 7 months old last year when we went and doing tent camping with an infant was a piece of cake! This year, with a very active toddler, things could get a little messy! We will be taking a hard plastic baby pool for her 'bath time' at night to ensure that our tent stays semi-neat! I really don't want to cuddle at night in a sleeping bag with a little ball of dirt, thank you very much! I am really big into getting 'down and dirty' when I camp but a little cleanliness can go a long way! As long as our feet are clean when we sleep then I'm okay!

We have these trips to take along with a wrap-up party event for the Great Strides Team Lucy on July 11th, another round of swim lessons at the end of July, trips to the zoo, library, play dates at the park, the county and state fairs and much more!

Very busy and VERY FUN!

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