Thursday, July 1, 2010

54% BMI

Tuesday, Lucy had 2 doctor visits in Sacramento...

One was Lucy's Gastrointestinal 6 week follow-up appointment with Dr. Barad. Her tummy was looking good, but I already knew that. Since Lucy began taking Zenpep (the real stuff, not the generic, and then finally getting on the correct dosage) she has has less frequent poop, reducing from 8 times a day to 2-3 times a day, she is less gassy and bloated, and the complaints of stomach pain have nearly ceased!

At this visit, we found out that she had gained a pound in the last 6 weeks. She is now tipping the scales at 29 pounds and is roughly 37 inches, bringing her BMI to 54%. This is amazing news! 50% is average or median for her height and weight combined, and is compared to other children in her age group. 54% is completely proportionate! I am so happy with that number!

Since the GI clean-out and Zenpep, I have been able to decrease the amount of Miralax from a full cap everyday to a half cap everyday OR every other day. I make sure to pay close attention on the strain when she goes number two to make sure no rectal prolapses reoccur.

The second doctor visit was actually just a nurse's visit at the pulmonologist's office. I have to get Lucy throat culture done to be able to attend the CFRI conference at the end of July. If it were just me going to the conference, there is no risk of cross infection because I do not have CF. Lucy, however, will be on site, and she must be cultured for b. cepacia and MRSA before she can even enter the hotel lobby where the conference is being held. She will not be attending the sessions and groups with me, but even just being on the premises could be a risk to other CFers if she did have any of these germs in her lungs. She will be hanging out with my mom during the day while I'm filling my brain with more CF knowledge and meeting new people in the CF community. I just couldn't bear (and neither could she) going 72 hours without being together, so she is coming with me. As the conference quickly approaches, I become more and more excited! Now we just wait for the culture results for the green light....

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  1. That's great news about Lucy's BMI!!!

    And again I wish I could attend that conference with you. Your brain is going to swell so large with all the new info. Can't wait to hear all about it.


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