Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Lucy's favorite song used to be I'm Yours by Jason Mraz, but now it's the classic Beatles song in which her own namesake may or may not have been inspired.

Here is Lucy's own rendition of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds...


  1. OMG that was ADDOORRABBLE!!! I LOVE how she says..OK I'm all done now!! hahaha

  2. wow - that is precious. lol What a sweetheart. And talk about airway clearance lol - singing does the lungs good!

  3. hahaha, they are so fun at this age! Everything is cute, she is awesome, I love how she says thank you after you congratulate her :)

  4. Have you watched "America's Got Talent" and seen the cute girls who both have CF and sing beautifully? They have the best attitudes and we can learn from them that's for sure. You are a fantastic mom!!!


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